PLN Area Projects

Wales Lake

  • The Wales Lake Property comprises 28 claims covering 42,130 ha and is owned 100% by F3 Uranium Corp.. The property is located just west of Highway 955, outside the south-west margin of the Athabasca Basin approximately 20km southwest of Fission Uranium's flagship Triple R uranium deposit and occupies the same stratigraphic position within the Clearwater Domain. The model of mineralization expected on the Wales Lake Property is analogous to basement-hosted uranium mineralization.

    • In July 2017 an airborne geophysical survey was conducted over 1,569 km over two blocks of the property. Principal geophysical sensors included a versatile time domain electromagnetic (VTEMTMPlus) system and a horizontal magnetic gradiometer with two cesium sensors, assisted by GPS navigation system and radar altimeter. The surveys were performed to provide initial airborne geophysical data over the majority of the property’s claims to identify areas of interest and to assist the direction of future exploration work.  In excess of 258 km of conductors were defined by the survey, indicating complex conductor swarms.  There are numerous areas of enhanced conductivity, as well as many areas of trend-widening evidenced by increase in parallel multiple conductors and many offsets and termination points indicative of cross structure.

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