PLN Area Projects


Key Points of Interest

The property is located 5km south of the JR zone and 22km north of Fission Uranium Triple R deposit. The property sits along the estimated Athabasca basin boundary.

Geophysics has identified multiple high priority conductor targets under Broach Lake, some of which remain untested.

Winter 2022 drilling on the broach lake property intersected anomalies radioactivity up to 510cps in hole PLN23-031 and geochemistry returned anomalous boron values up to 900ppm (PLN22-033). Both drilled on the north end of broach lake.

  • Broach is located directly south of the JR zone discovery. This property consists of 13 mineral claims totaling 16,004 ha. The property is located along Highway 955 and straddles the boundary of the Athabasca basin.

    Geophysics completed in 2022 highlighted multiple high priority conductors which had previously never been drill tested. Drilling conducted in the winter of 2022 intersected large sections of dravite, a boron rich clay mineral often found in proximity to uranium mineralization. Multiple targets remain untested on the broach lake property.

    In early July 2023, F3 sub-divided the legacy PLN Property into 3 distinct properties; PLN, Minto, and Broach.

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