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The JR Zone was discovered by F3 Uranium during a fall 2022 drilling program on the PLN property with drill hole PLN22-035, which intersected off-scale radioactivity (>65,535 cps) associated with massive uraninite mineralization within the A1 main shear zone. It assayed 6.97% U3O8 over 15.0m, including 5.5m of 18.6% U3O8; a 21-hole winter 2023 drilling program extended the strike length of the JR Zone to 105m, and a 30-hole summer drilling program is in progress. In early July, F3 sub-divided the legacy PLN Property into 3 distinct properties; PLN, Minto, and Broach. The mineral claim hosting the JR Zone (S-107435) as well as the adjacent mineral claim to the east (S-107434) will be sub-divided, and going forward the PLN Property will consist only of the northern half of these 2 mineral claims, totalling 4,074 hectares. It will include the entire NW-trending 3.6 km-long A1 Main Shear Zone hosting the JR Zone mineralization, in addition to other proximal EM conductors (see map).

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