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Located directly north of the JR zone discovery and 28km south of the Shea Creek deposit.

PLN22-029 intersected multiple strongly graphitic basement structures within a 91m interval of core. Broken sections of core display cataclastic and mylonitic textures indicative of brittle and ductile deformation. PLN23-029 intersected weakly anomalous radioactivity of 300cps (RS-125 Handheld Scintillometer) at 783.8m. Highly anomalous boron of 1780ppm intersected in the sandstone.

Multiple interpreted EM conductors on the property remain untested.

  • Minto is located directly North of the JR zone discovery, 28km south of the Shea Creek deposit and 44km south of the historic Cluff Lake mine. This property consists of 23 mineral claims totaling 19,864 ha. The property is located along Highway 955 providing all year access to the property.

  • A 2013 summer/fall geophysical program budgeted at $0.53 million consisted of a VTEM Max airborne electromagnetic survey conducted over the northern half of the property, time-domain electromagnetic (TDEM) and magnetotellurics (MT) ground geophysical surveying, prospecting, rock and soil sampling, and relogging historical drill core. The airborne EM survey successfully discovered and outlined an eight-km long north-south trending package of conductive basement rocks.

    One drill hole was conducted on the Minto property in winter 2022. A new structural corridor was intersected in drill hole PLN22-029 targeted the previously untested N conductor outlined by the 2013 geophysics. The N Conductor is defined by multiple parallel basement EM conductors, interpreted to indicate conductive basement structures, and the overlying low resistivity zone in the lower part of the Athabasca sandstone. The resistivity low is a geophysical feature interpreted to possibly represent hydrothermal alteration. The unconformity was intersected at a depth of 675.9m and the drill hole intersected multiple structures in the basement gneisses within a 91m core interval that were strongly graphitic in very broken sections of core that display cataclastic and mylonitic textures indicative of both ductile shearing and brittle faulting. Anomalous radioactivity of 300cps measured with a handheld RS-125 scintillometer, was encountered in the drill hole at a depth of 783.8m. Highly anomalous boron of 1780ppm intersected in the sandstone.

    In early July 2023, F3 sub-divided the legacy PLN Property into 3 distinct properties; PLN, Minto, and Broach.

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